Introducing: The Joy of Sets

UPDATE: We are totally full for episode one. But! Don’t despair, there will be plenty more. Follow us on Twitter where we’ll be keeping you posted. 

The stars of the greatly-missed Get This, Tony Martin and Ed Kavalee, are reunited in The Joy Of Sets, a unique take on television; the good, the bad and the fabulously misguided. And we need you!

Written and hosted by Tony and Ed, The Joy of Sets is an affectionate and funny journey through the world of television. Each episode will deal with a different part of the television universe. By the end of the series, keen viewers will have learnt enough to create their own smash hit, TV format – or their money back*

The show will be recorded in Sydney, and we start taping very soon. If you want a front row seat email us at Get in quick, as numbers are limited. It’s sure to be dizzy stuff, folks.

When: Fridays - August through to October, 7pm – 9pm

Where: Technology Park, Alexandria, Sydney

From Zapruder’s Other Films (producers of The Gruen Transfer) for prime time on the Nine Network, The Joy Of Sets will take you to parts of the television universe you never knew existed.

*Offer applies to free-to-air television only.

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